« Tra l'avere la sensazione che il mondo sia una cosa poco seria e il muovercisi dentro perfettamente a proprio agio, esiste la stessa differenza che c'e' tra l'avere il senso del comico e l'essere ridicoli. »

Giorgio Gaber

Hound Dog Taylor
1915-1975Flesh, Bones, tons of soul
From a guitarist point of view, having six fingers on your left hand is not a malformation, it’s a gift. Hound Dog taylor was definitely gifted. He has pulled more bewildering slide blues and raw boogie than anyone ever did out of a Teisco.
Hear him play “Wild about you Baby”

A young African-American sharecropper playing the guitar and singing with an axe resting against his lap. Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Missouri, USA, 1937.